Troy Schultz  - Personal Trainer at M Team Fitness


Owner; Personal Trainer

I am a devoted father and husband. I have been faithfully married for twenty one years to my beautiful wife, Stacey, and we have been blessed with three children.

I started M Team in the summer of 2012 and have been a motivator for over 28 years. My passion is educating people about the positive effects of proper nutrition and exercise. God and my family have always come first in my life. We moved to Montana in April of 2007 to enjoy quality time, horseback riding, water-skiing, snow-skiing, fishing, and dirt bikes.

Stacey Schultz - Personal Trainer at M Team Fitness


Owner; Personal Trainer

My passion is to help, encourage, and motivate all people in living a healthy, fit, and happy lifestyle! I love exercise and enjoy all aspects of fitness from weights, boot camps, indoor activity, outdoor activity, aerobics, Pilates, piyo, hiking, bike riding etc.… I believe there is a physical activity that can meet everyone’s needs. Exercise can be fun and should be something that is incorporated into your life as part of a healthy lifestyle.

Ryan Groshong - Personal Trainer at M Team Fitness


Personal Trainer

I am a Certified Personal Trainer at M Team, Motivation for Fitness. My wife and I have been married for over 7 years and we live in one of the most beautiful places on earth, Kalispell, Montana. Along with our dog Cash, we love to be outdoors, travel and enjoy everyday to its fullest.

Jake Nash - Personal Trainer at M Team Fitness


Personal Trainer

As a certified personal fitness trainer with over 20 years of experience in weight training and fitness, I can help you achieve your fitness goals through weight training, cardio and proper nutrition. I have helped numerous people get in shape and achieve their fitness goals. I have an extensive background in the fitness industry, and am passionate about health and fitness.

Malissa Broughton - Personal Trainer at M Team Fitness


Personal Trainer

My goal is to help my clients understand health and fitness by implementing the knowledge through one-on- one attention, nutritional education, and demonstration of proper exercise technique.

Bri Stidham - Personal Trainer at M Team Fitness


Personal Trainer

CPR/First Aid Certified

My name is Bri Stidham, I have lived in the Flathead Valley my entire life. Until two years ago I went to Bozeman, Montana to further my interest in Sports Medicine. I recently came back to the Flathead to start my journey as a Certified Personal Trainer. I am very passionate about fitness; it has become a very big part in my life the last 5 years. Realizing that this was the path I wanted to follow for a career early on, I started working at Flathead Heath and fitness when I was fifteen and while attending high school. Along with work, I enjoyed participating in Track/Field and Soccer. Once I graduated, I left home and started working for Ridge Athletic Club. There, I got to work side by side with personal trainers and learned how satisfying it is to help others attain their goals. I got to watch the whole process from start to finish, and seeing the journey to end results was well worth the hard work put in by both the trainer and client. I wanted to be a part of that. I enjoy the process just as much as the end results. Everyone’s route is different and seeing people from all walks of life, whether you are a new mom trying to get back into shape, or an athlete perfecting skills or someone who just wants to get up and make a change, setting goals to better themselves is so uplifting. I believe that the mind and body have a symbiotic relationship, when your body is well, so is your mood, and overall outlook. Being fit mentally and physically paves the way to being confident and STRONG. I am honored to be a guide in making that a reality.

Ben Brake - Personal Trainer at M Team Fitness


Personal Trainer

I was born and raised here in the flathead valley. I learned from a young age what life has to offer if you just stay positive and work with what God has given you in order to enjoy life to its fullest no matter the circumstance. At the age of 14 I was diagnosed with a visual impairment that would continually decrease my vision gradually until my mid 20s. The specialists announced my condition as incurable. This is where my passion for health and fitness came into play. Through a healthy diet and a consistent workout plan I was able to improve my eyesight, which is unheard of with my condition. The lesson I learned from this circumstance is that even though it did not cure my eyes it helped, and that was enough to inspire in me the desire to help promote a healthy lifestyle so that others can turn their lives around and start heading in the direction that will benefit all aspects of their lifestyle.

Tia Nicole Bakker - Personal Trainer at M Team Fitness


Personal Trainer

As an outdoor enthusiast, health and fitness have always been an important factor in my life. Much of my spare time is spent hiking in the mountains or playing on the water. In High School, I was an active member of Bigfork’s Cave Club where we often worked for Glacier National Park. After graduating High School, I spent three years as a conductor working for Burlington Northern Santa Fe to earn money for college. After seeing what happens to one’s body without proper care, I began to develop a deep interest for health. I later attended college in Gunnison, Colorado where I was a member of the Western State Mountain Rescue Team. It was here where I discovered a love for patient care. I soon became a licensed EMT, and fell in love with public service. I became a member of Bigfork’s Fire Department and began training at M Team to prepare myself for the Fire Academy located in Great Falls, MT. I am now a pre-med student with the goal of eventually becoming a Physician’s Assistant. It is my personal belief that medical professionals should be well rounded and look at every aspect of a patient’s life. Prevention is key. The trainers at M Team have been my saving grace during a time when I needed it most. They have lit a fire within myself that will burn for a lifetime. It is my honor and passion to pay it forward and help others in this same manner.